About Multiple Sclerosis

About Multiple Sclerosis

Variables in the Swedish Neuro Registries – Multiple Sclerosis

  •          Baseline data
  •          Visits
  •          Neurological rating scale EDSS
  •          Debut and diagnosis
  •          Treatment
  •          Exacerbations
  •          Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
  •          Laboratory analysis
  •          Body Mass Index (BMI)
  •          Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  •          Functional rating scales
  •          Quality of life
  •          Work capacity
  •          Rehabilitation


Three different patient overviews

 Patient overview Graph of MS demo-patient in the registry (Longitudinal) 

Patoversikt MS

Patient overview in MSSS matrix (Longitudinal data with a European reference group of approximately 10 000 patients)


Patient overview Functional clock (Cross-sectional with the latest patient-data compared with matched MS-patients in the registry. Patient with worse MS-course to the left and with better MS-course to the right).