Patient´s own reporting

Patient´s own reporting

PER (Patientens Egen Registrering) or “Patient´s own reporting" is a web portal that allows patients in the Swedish Neuro Registries to submit information about their condition in order to contribute data to health care.

People with Motor Neuron Disease can now also submit their data via PER. 

Start entering your data at home

In order to use PER to submit information about yourself and your condition, you must be registered in the Swedish Neuro Registries. Contact your health care provider.

Click here to log in and submit your data. 

Submit your data at your clinical visit

You can also use PER on a computer or tablet at your clinic just prior to your visit at certain clinics. You simply need to enter your Personal Identification Number (personnummer), but you must already be registered with the Swedish Neuro Registries.