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Epilepsy is the most common long-lasting neurological disease, where 0,7 % of the Swedish population is calculated to have active epilepsy. In Sweden there is 70 000 individuals diagnosed with epilepsy and 10 000 of these are children.  

Epilepsy entails a recurrence of epileptic seizures, with a wide variety of seizure types, where one patient can have several different kinds of seizures. Common seizure types are absence seizures and generalized seizures, where the latter entails unconsciousness and jerking of limbs. 

The purpose of the Epilepsy Registry is to improve the quality of care and ability to monitor complex and often life-long disease, as the need for an easily read graphical representation of epilepsy patients, where the severity and frequency of seizures can be correlated to treatment and other significant events, have long since been present among health care professionals involved in the care of epilepsy patients. 

-    To make information of diagnosis and the medical investigative results    
      easily accessible. 
-    To clarify if important information has been given and when. 
-    To create a platform for long-term follow-up and clinical research.