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The Swedish Neuro Registries - a national quality registry which aims to improve the equity and quality of neurological care as well as ensure adherence to national guidelines.

Visualization and Analysis Platform (VAP)

The Swedish Neuro Registries has developed a unique tool for visualisation and analysis of data in real time - Visualisation and Analysis platform (VAP). The data is presented and analysed in a flexible way, in real time. The tool makes it easy to perform comparisons, to examine the indicators describing the quality of health care, to monitor health care processes and to control and improve the clinical work.
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New Patient Portal for Multiple Sclerosis (PER)

PER stands for Patientens Egen Registrering or “Patient´s Own Reporting”. It enables patients to answer questions about their health and life status via the internet before meeting with their care provider at the clinic. The questions deal with issues such activities of daily living and quality of life. By answering the questions, the patient becomes more involved in their own care and is given the opportunity to view a visual report of their status. Read more under Multiple Sclerosis